Video Training for Healthcare Systems and Businesses

Our Approach to Training

Video Training Suite (VTS) client engagements always start with a strategy, planning, and expectations review conducted by a Viddler video-based training expert.  Once the teams are aligned on the plan, our clients usually initiate a blended approach that combines new concepts with already-completed content, videos and learning modules. Once the new concept is completed, the VTS guarantees a secure, interactive learning experience for users anywhere and anytime. As another option, some clients utilize the Viddler Video Production team to accelerate and/or offload the production and delivery of their learning content.

Virtually ALL Viddler training clients have been able to produce more content in less time when utilizing our approach. If you are a business leader looking to capture, share and reinforce top-performer skills and messaging; or if you are charged with training employees on processes and products, VTS assures timely delivery of a more engaging experience.

Sales Training

Sales and customer-facing training represent the most popular use case for the Viddler VTS platform. Sales training choices include soft skills training and coaching and product/process training.

Our soft skills training is enabled and reinforced with a secure online video-based approach that increases clients’ verbal fluency in high-pressure sales situations. This tailored training-and-coaching approach allows users to watch proven techniques, practice them via recorded video, self-evaluate, and request manager or trainer input on ways to improve.  

Our product/process training features team-based or individual coaching, optional peer-review, and sharing. Video annotation highlights key points, provides individual feedback, and facilitates timely access, off-hours learning, and collaboration.

Knowledge Transfer Training

Manufacturing employers rely on Viddler to capture and document “informal tribal knowledge.”  These undocumented “shop-floor” insights gathered over time have not been captured or documented – ever- and can easily be lost as senior staff retire. Without a VTS to support the documentation of this information, it’s nearly impossible to transfer that “wisdom” to the next generation of workers.

Viddler’s VTS makes it easy to capture that “shop-floor insight” with audio and/or video that’s available and accessible for anytime, anywhere review. Enable your employee/staff knowledge transfer from one experienced generation to the next easily – with a single process / approach enabled securely with VTS.

New Employee Training & Onboarding

In industries like healthcare, employers frequently spend up to 40% of a new employee’s salary simply getting them on-boarded and fully functional.  How long does it take and how much does your firm spend?

Utilizing VTS – you’re able to implement scenario-based methods.  These methods are confirmed through patented commenting and in-video questions that create user analytics for each candidate. You’ll be better able to confirm employee fitness, performance, and most importantly: the cultural connection. Yes, it is possible to probe for your cultural fit before you’ve made the offer.  

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