Viddler welcomes a new digital marketing lead!

Welcome to Lailei Forouraghi, Viddler’s new digital marketing lead!

Digital marketer, writer, wannabe programmer, 80s pop culture nerd. Some might call Lailei a renaissance woman. She calls herself a clarity specialist.

Lailei turns rambling run-ons into concise copy. Give her a mess of ideas so tangled they rival the Gordian knot. She’ll slice through the fluff and hand you back the exact message you wanted to convey. Hit her with your worst puzzle, and she’ll come up with a solution snappier than any Pat Benatar song. She’s incurably curious- and her extensive collection of interesting factoids gives her a unique perspective on just about anything- so you know her blogs will never be boring. Lailei’s logical mind and unbridled creativity make her the go-to digital specialist for our marketing team.

When Lailei’s not putting words together for the Internet, she’s probably doing amateur watercolors of Indiana Jones or trying to work Ghostbusters references into conversations that need no Ghostbusters references.

Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.