Save Time & Get Better Reporting with Interactive Training

Interactive training can get complicated. Not too long ago, one of our customers was trying to manage multiple systems to deliver training certifications for over 300 people at a time. She explained that they were using one system for their discussion board capability, another for document submission from their trainees, and Viddler Training Suite (VTS) for tracking that each person actually watched the entire video. Three systems is a lot for one person to manage!

So, I’d like to show you how to accomplish all 3 online video training goals, right inside VTS!

Great! It’s all set for your trainees to come in, play the video, discuss the topic, and submit their response. Are you curious what that looks like for your trainees? Let me show you:

Now, here’s the best part! Not only did you put everything into one experience for your trainees, you’ll also get email notifications when they respond to the discussion—and submit their assignment so that you can review and rate it right away. Plus, you’ll get one report of all the responses together.

You are now down to one system for this type of interactive video training. Sweet!